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Proposing to your partner should be one of the best moments in their (and your) life. So why do so many choose to go for something as boring as a ring box? This beautiful ring box handmade from real red pine is approximately 2 to 3 inches high, has the words “WILL U?” engraved on the top, and is guaranteed to wow your significant other.
You spent your childhood building paper aeroplanes and dreaming of flying it, but now it's the future and you've got a computer in your pants pocket. So why not marry the two? That's exactly what Powerup 3.0 does: it's a paper aeroplane that's controlled with your smartphone. Tilt your phone left or right, and what the plane respond!
The AT-AT – All Terrain Armored Transport – walker is a sight to behold, and this LEGO AT-AT building kit is the next best thing (to having a 22.5m tall metal behemoth standing in your yard). It features a moving head, spring-loaded shooters, poseable legs, and a switch-operated trapdoor to open the body.
Minecraft's taken the world by storm and it seems like every kid with a computer is playing it. Now, you can bring a little piece of it back with you into the real world. This officially licensed Minecraft Diamond sword may not be made from actual diamond, but it's otherwise as faithful to the original as it gets.
Sneakers are boring, aren't they? They just sit there, wrapping your foot, and not much else. Not anymore! These super bright LED light-up shoes are rocking the sneaker world. Charge them via USB for 2 hours and you've got enough charge for a whole night of lighting up wherever you go.
Eyeglass stands aren't used much and the reason is simple: they're boring. Not this one! This duckbill eyeglass stand will brighten any decore and bring a smile to anyone walking by it, or throw it in your child's room so they can have something fun to keep there glasses on.
A good lookin' bottle opener is a must in any man cave. You've got beer bottles that need opening and you can't be seen using any old bottle opener. This opener is constructed from real Oak casks, and it's fitted with three powerful magnets inside the wood to hold up to 30 bottle caps at once.
You're watching Game of Thrones and someone's downing ale using the biggest viking tankard you've ever seen, and all you can think of is “Holy crap, I wish I had one of those.” Well, consider your wish come true! This XL handmade tankard is made from 100% natural horn hand shaped into the famous viking tankard shape, and holds over 1 pint of your favourite beer.
This officially licensed, 6ft x 10ft, Jabba the Hutt inflatable will scare off any kids off your yard and lets everybody who drives by know you are not to be messed with. Or, you know, throw him wherever you want. He's not gonna complain!